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"The Cromwell Fire Department proudly took part in the Town of Cromwell's 911 tribute this morning at Frisbee Landing in Cromwell.  Both on duty and off duty staff along with members of the Fire Commission, local town dignitaries and Fire District officials, and past chiefs were in attendance and joined in the remembrance of those who were lost that fateful day. This was our commitment to the promise made 19 years ago to Never Forget"


The Fire District has general supervision over the Cromwell Fire Department. The Commission appoints the chief, deputy chief and assistant chiefs and approves and executes by-laws and rules and regulations for the governance of the Fire Department. The Department has the authority to provide and maintain suitable fire apparatus, equipment and fire stations. The Department's mission is to meet the fire and EMS protection needs on both a routine and emergency basis for the Town of Cromwell, and provide assistance to its neighbors when called upon, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The department provides its services to meet its mission to the constituency with a qualified combination of staffing categories that include; volunteers, part time, and full time career staff.  The Department operations Division responds to over 2,500 calls a year and provides many other community services to the town and its residents.

The Department is on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to answer your call for service.

The Department derives its income from a fire tax and billings for ambulance services. The tax is on real estate and personal property listed on the same Grand List as that issued to determine your taxes for the general government of Cromwell. These revenues are used to fund the annual operating expenses of the Department and to help defray the purchasing of capital equipment. The anticipated operating expenses are detailed in an annual budget prepared by the Department, reviewed and recommended by the Board of Fire Commissioners and submitted to the Annual District Budget Meeting for approval. Based on this budget, the Annual Budget Meeting establishes the mil rate for the fire tax.

To provide for a consistent and level tax rate, the Department maintains a Capital Equipment Reserve Fund. The Fund is used to finance the Fire Departments five-year capital plan. Each year the District's budget includes a contribution to the Equipment Reserve Fund to be used for the purchase and updating of Fire Department equipment, apparatus and ambulances as well as major additions and repairs to Department buildings and facilities.

The volunteer association of the Cromwell Fire Department also conducts annual Fund raising events in order to assist the department through its Mission Statement of: 

The purpose of the Cromwell Fire Department Members Association, Inc. is to support the Cromwell Fire Department, preserving the history and fellowship of the membership while promoting fire and safety education, public awareness and providing goodwill through service to the Community of Cromwell.

The Fire Department currently is made up of a Chief and twelve full-time career Firefighter/EMTs. One duty officer at the rank of Lieutenant, and two firefighters each are assigned to one of four 24 hours shifts. Each of these shifts are further staffed and augment the career personnel by 3 additional part time scheduled firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians which affords the department to provide an initial predictable level response of 6 cross trained personnel, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  The on duty personnel are all assigned to the Court St. station which is the department headquarters.  On duty staff is assigned to either a quint or rescue pumper apparatus, and a primary ambulance unit.  Emergency responses or other routine incidents received that require personnel levels beyond that of the on duty staff is addressed through alerting Unscheduled part time and volunteer staffing to respond, or call back of available off duty personnel,  The department also participates in a robust Mutual Aid process with its neighboring fire departments as well.

The Department as a fire and life safety protection agency in addition to emergency fire and medical response also supports a Fire Prevention bureau with a Full Time Fire Marshal, part time Deputy fire Marshal, and two per diem inspector fire investigators.  The efforts of the Fire Marshal's office are also augmented by line Division staff that are also certified as fire inspectors, and provide fire prevention demonstrations and public education.

Congratulations to Cromwell Fire Department's Hockey team.

Tier #7 Champions


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